WDGN NFC Drehgeber - encoder

NFC as configuration interface instead of cables and adapter boxes - simple and smart

During the development of a machine, there comes a time when the individual sensors need to be fine-tuned. Uncertainty often arises about the number of pulses required for optimum application. Effort and frustration are therefore inevitable. Choosing the right adaptors, tools and parameterization boxes for sensor adjustment usually doesn't go as smoothly as expected. The problems continue when the required cable is unavailable. Without the right cable, the set configuration can't be changed or adapted.

To facilitate this development phase, Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co.KG has developed an intelligent and simple solution. Instead of relying on the usual adapter cables and parameterization boxes, the company decided to use NFC - Near Field Communication - as the configuration interface when developing the new incremental encoder.

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World's most compact Ethernet/IP encoder

World's most compact Ethernet/IP encoder

Universal Industrial Ethernet encoder with PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP

Wachendorff is expanding its range of Ethernet-based encoders: Encoders with the EtherNet/IP protocol are now available, including the most compact in the world: the WDGA58F. Wachendorff's R&D team has succeeded in minimising the sensor to an installation depth of just 46.5 mm.

The encoders are certified by the ODVA. The resolution in single and multi-turn can be individually configured via an integrated web server (single-turn 16 bit, multi-turn 43 bit).

The very high environmental data, e.g. temperature range from -40 °C up to +85 °C, shock 1,000 m/s² or vibration 50 m/s² at 10-2000 Hz, allow the use in harsh industrial environments as well as in mobile working machines.

The devices with hollow end shafts eliminate the need for additional couplings and the devices with shafts guarantee a long-lasting and stable connection with their very high bearing loads of up to 400 N.

More information about the EtherNet/IP encoders from Wachendorff:

In the Universal Industrial Ethernet version, it is possible to switch between Ethernet/IP, EtherCat and PROFINET. This noticeably reduces storage costs and increases flexibility.

More information about the absolute Universal Industrial Ethernet encoder WDGA U-IE:

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WA22M2 encoder NFC Wachendorff

WDGN … encoder configuration via NFC

The worlds first configurable encoder by NFC
Unique in the world: Wachendorff encoder configurable via NFC
Contactless and voltage-free encoder configuration via NFC

The new WDGN series of incremental encoders from Wachendorff Automation enables configuration of any pulse count from 1 I/U to 16,384 I/U via NFC.
Depending on the equipment, Basic or Advance, further parameters can be set via APP using NFC. 
After downloading the Wachendorff WDGN app to the smartphone, the desired parameters and values can be configured without contact or voltage, if necessary also through the outer packaging. 
Encoder configurations created can be saved under different names, reloaded at any time and transferred to another encoder. This means that saved configuration sets can be used for the encoder in different applications. The configuration set of an encoder can be read out, saved, shared and reused for other encoders at any time after entering the PIN. The PIN and PUK principle is used for security.

More detailed information:

App download for Android, Google Play Store (Huawei and IOS app to follow soon):

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IP69K and Heavy Duty Upgrade

Robust 36 mm encoder from Wachendorff
Small but powerful!

Wachendorff Automation now also has a heavy-duty variant in the 36 mm design in its range of incremental encoders in the WDGP series, as well as absolute encoders in the WDGA series. This version is characterized by a very high bearing load of 300 N axial and radial, as well as the increased protection class of IP69k. This makes these encoders fit for high pressure/steam jet cleaning. They are specially designed for applications in harsh environments, such as mobile machinery, in the food industry or even car washes.

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Absolute encoders with a new look for the environment

Every single contribution to environmental protection is important
Stainless steel instead of chrome

Wachendorff Automation has decided, entirely in the interests of environmental protection, to switch from chrome-plated steel to stainless steel covers as part of its encoder production. This initially affects the absolute encoders of the WDGA series in 36 mm design, but will quickly be extended to all series. This does not change anything for the user, as there is no impact on device functions and properties. Also new: The 36 mm encoders with CANopen, SSI, RS485 or SAE J1939 can now also be ordered with radial connector or cable outlets.

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Ultra-compact length measuring system LMSCA

The new length measuring system LMSCA
Ultra-compact and industrially robust length measuring system

Wachendorff Automation is expanding its product portfolio of length measuring systems to include an extremely compact yet robust system. The system is just 120 mm long! It can be combined with measuring wheels of 200 mm circumference. With the pre-assembled encoders of the WDGP series, resolutions of 80 pulses per millimeter or 0.0125 mm per pulse are achievable. Other important feature: adjustable contact pressure from 0 to 20 Newton in 5 Newton steps!

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Pulse number completely freely definable

Incremental encoder series WDGP with freely definable pulse number
Pulse number completely freely definable
The optimum pulse number for every application

Are you looking for a compact incremental encoder with high resolution or with a "crazy" pulse count? Then you are absolutely right with the WDGP series from Wachendorff Automation. The proven Wachendorff magnetic sensor technology is now available with ANY pulse count from 1 to 16,384 pulses per revolution. This means that high-precision measurements can be realized in the smallest installation space. The series can be supplied with any pulse count from 1 to 16,384 I/rev and a zero pulse. The zero pulse can be set freely. The inverted signals, the output TTL and HTL can also be selected when ordering. The encoders are available in a very compact 36 mm design or in the quasi-industrial standard of 58 mm. The wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C and the high resistance to other environmental stresses, such as vibration and shock, show that they have also been developed for use in off-road vehicles, among other applications. The absolute encoders of the WDGA series can be ordered as seawater solid and corrosion resistant versions. In this variant, for example, the flange is specially anodised against corrosion and the housing is powder-coated. All other parts, e.g. the shaft or the cable gland, are made of stainless steel. The outer ball bearing is also made of stainless steel and is also specially sealed.

Further information

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KPI-Dashboard mobil

KPI always in view

Live machine data visualization without software installation
Smart access to machine data

The VISUALYS Machine KPI Dashboard can be used on any device and adapts perfectly to it.
No installation of Apps & Co is required. Users of HMS Ewon Flexy Routers can use this Machine KPI Dashboard at any time and without hardware replacement.
This means that every user can call up the current live status and live performance of their machines within seconds, from any location worldwide. More and More Smartphones and tablets find their way into the operation of machines and systems. In the B2C sector, users are used to performing various actions quickly and easily using mobile devices. Clearly designed and intuitively operated apps are crucial for acceptance and success. VISUALYS has taken care in the development of the Machine KPI Dashboard that these aspects are taken into account and that machine data is presented in a modern and appealing way on almost any device. In addition, the VISUALYS solution offers local data visualization.
This means that no data is transferred to the cloud or to external applications.
Any authorized user can access the dashboard of the machine via a secure access.

VPN router Ewon Flexy - the base that powers the KPI dashboard

The Ewon Flexy router series is the basis for this solution, which was developed from scratch.
In the VISUALYS KPI dashboard there is no limit to the machine data to be displayed.
The user defines this himself without any restrictions. Via the communication protocols already integrated in the Ewon Flexy hardware, including MPI, Profibus, Modbus TCP, Profinet, data can be read and visualized directly from almost any control system.

Dashboard Designer - create optimal results from scratch

When developing the Machine KPI Dashboard, one of the most important aspects was that every user must be able to create his or her own specific dashboard within a very short time - without special training, without programming know-how, without experience. The result is the VISUALYS Dashboard Designer. The Dashboard Designer is the tool that can be used by any person, at any time. There is no installation, no login, no registration of email addresses required.
The Dashboard Designer is freely available for testing on the VISUALYS website.
Once the dashboard has been designed by the user, it is compiled, linked to the serial number of the Ewon hardware and handed over to the customer. If desired, the VISUALYS team can also remotely play the dashboard.

More information about the dashboard and designer:
More information about the Ewon routers:

picture (VISUALYS):  

Link VPM_2001_E_KPI_Dashboard_August_2020.docx
Link VPM_2001_E_KPI_Dashboard_August_2020.pdf
Link VPM_2001_E_KPI_Dashboard_August_2020.jpg

Redundant incremental encoder WDGR

It doesn't always have to be SIL
Diverse - and yet perfectly coordinated
High performance levels, lower costs

Costly SIL-certified devices do not always have to be used to perform safety-related tasks.
With the WDGR series, Wachendorff Automation is launching a family of redundant incremental encoders with diverse sensor technology (optical and magnetic). In combination with appropriate control systems or, for example, speed monitors, high performance levels can be achieved at low cost. The robust design familiar from Wachendorff - with protection class up to IP67 - provides very high immunity to interference. The high bearing loads of up to 220 N radial and up to 120 N axial contribute to this.

Wachendorff uses two different measuring principles here - optical and magnetic. Fail-safety is specifically increased by using different measuring principles and as few identical components as possible. Specifically, Wachendorff's redundant standard encoders provide diverse signals that are generated completely independently of one another, but can still be correlated with one another. Even the power supplies are available separately for each sensor unit. The basic idea behind this procedure is that the different sensor platforms also react with different sensitivities or insensitivities to disturbances of any kind and therefore do not fail simultaneously, so that the following electronics can reliably detect a possible failure.

Further information:

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Link WA2001_Wachendorff_redundant_incremental_encoder _WDGR58B_30032020.pdf
Link WA2001_Wachendorff_redundant_incremental_encoder _WDGR58B_30032020.docx
Link WA2001_Wachendorff_redundant_incremental_encoder _WDGR58B_30032020_01.jpg
Link WA2001_Wachendorff_redundant_incremental_encoder _WDGR58B_30032020_02.jpg

WA1906 Wachendorff Silent Move Compact

New Silent Move Compact digital shaft copying system

interlift 2019, Augsburg, hall 1, both 1101
Position and speed measurement of elevators / lifts
Reliable and precise measurement with Silent Move Compact
New: Silent Move Compact
Experience shows in detail

For more than 25 years, Wachendorff Automation has been developing and manufacturing systems and encoders for worldwide use in a wide variety of applications in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, elevator construction, mobile machinery and renewable energies. More than 2,500 implemented variants demonstrate the great flexibility and absolute customer orientation of Wachendorff. Due to the highest mechanical and electrical stability of the Wachendorff encoders and systems, the company guarantees a 5-year warranty - this is unique worldwide.

New: Silent Move Compact
In addition to incremental and absolute encoders, Wachendorff also supplies specially developed digital shaft positioning systems for the elevator / lift industry. Now Wachendorff has succeeded in further compressing the electronics and mechanics of the Silent Move toothed belt system and reducing them to the essentials. The result is the Silent Move Compact system. The intelligent design with encoder, pre-assembled toothed pulley and idler pulley as well as the optimally dimensioned vibration dampers ensure maximum operational reliability and easy installation. The very smooth running special toothed belt is securely guided out of the toothed pulley and tensioning roller. The open design minimizes the work steps of the assembly and simplifies the safe insertion of the toothed belt.

Experience shows in the details ... Save time and space with the system
While designing the Silent Move Compact shaft copying system, Wachendorff was fully geared to the needs of elevator manufacturers and service companies: Reduced to the essentials to save costs and installation space without losing sight of reliability, accuracy and robustness. Due to the open system and the mounting bracket with its four slotted holes, an optimal attachment to the elevator car is easyly possible. The pre-assembled tensioning roller prevents adjustment during operation and eliminates the need to adjust the tensioning roller during installation because the correct tension of the toothed belt is ensured by the supplied spring.

  • Guided belt measuring systen
  • Very compact design
  • Absolute position of the elevator car
  • Optimized silencing
  • Can be combined with many standard encoders of the series WDGA 58B (absolute)
    or WDGI 58B (incremental)

More information:


Wachendorff torque support encoder

Torque support

New torque support WDGDS10020
... compensate tolerances

The torque support WDGDS10020 compensates tolerances such as radial runout due to backlash or the drive shaft, as well as axial movements of the drive shaft when mounting hollow and end hollow shaft encoders.

The support consists of two maintenance-free rod ends, a maintenance-free threaded rod and is easy to install.

All you need is the appropriate screws to attach the torque arm to your machine. Everything else for mounting on the encoder is already included in the scope of delivery.

More information:


Wachendorff LMSMA

Speed measurement

Inline speed measurement with PROFINET or EtherCat

During the production or printing of foils, carpets, PVC floors, textiles, paper or long logs, on storage and retrieval machines or when transporting bulk goods or parcels, it is often necessary to measure the speed inline so that the pressure is correct, the length or the volume fits or positions of identified errors can be found.

A few years ago, Wachendorff Automation developed the LMS length measurement system with incremental pulses for this application. It is robust, with the choice of different surfaces of the measuring wheels suitable for almost all materials, the sensor is closed and there is a large selection of outputs with which the LMS can be connected to all commercially available controls or drives. For optimum adhesion, the contact pressure can be set step-by-step with a defined raster by simply using a single screw. Mounting is flexible in all imaginable situations and proven a thousand times.

Most recently, Wachendorff now offers a length measurement system LMS with a PROFINET or EtherCat interface. The robust bearing packages are designed exactly as the incremental "colleagues" and therefore sufficiently robust for this type of application. Also the dimensions (especially a low depth and a reasonable cable outlet) and the other parameters such as shock and vibration have been taken into account during the development.

The robust and compact WDGA 58B absolute encoders with EnDra (multiturn) and QuattroMag (singleturn) magnetic technology, which form a unit together with the linear encoder, can be connected directly to any PLC or drive via PROFINET or EtherCat. 

This is very space-saving and also reduces costs in the control cabinet. The customer can save on the incremental input module in the PLC and gain space for more functions or smaller dimensions.

Integration in the TIA portal or in TwinCat and in a design program is also very simple. Wachendorff provides STEP files and sample programs.


OnOffShore absolute encoders

Absolute encoders for onshore and offshore applications

Corrosion-resistant absolute encoders
... for onshore and offshore applications

In close dialogue with customers, Wachendorff developed a family of encoders for use in machines and systems that come into contact with seawater and seawater mist. The applications include lifts near the sea, offshore on platforms, wind turbines or ships, as well as cranes in harbours.

The encoders are also ideally suited for production areas in which caustic solutions and acids are used and corresponding vapours are produced.

In order to validate the corrosion resistance, the salt spray resistance was verified with a test according to DIN EN 60068-2-11.

The absolute encoders of the WDGA series can be ordered as seawater solid and corrosion resistant versions. In this variant, for example, the flange is specially anodised against corrosion and the housing is powder-coated. All other parts, e.g. the shaft or the cable gland, are made of stainless steel. The outer ball bearing is also made of stainless steel and is also specially sealed.


Wachendorff LMSMA absolute encoder

Length measuring system LMS MA with absolute encoders

The innovative length measuring system LMS MA
... can now be combined with absolute encoders

The length measuring system LMS MA is a very space-saving, reliable complete system for the measurement of position, speed and length.
Up to 0.003 mm/pulse provide excellent measurement results.

The system can be adapted to any surface due to the different running surfaces of the measuring wheels. It is also very quickly mounted and adjusted.

Save the additional input card for incremental signals on your PLC. Select an absolute encoder from the WDGA series, e.g. with CANopen, SSI, Profinet or EtherCAT.

More information:


Wachendorff Universal IndustrialEthernet encoder

World first: Universal Industrial Ethernet Encoder

One click, lots of protocols

The right encoder is always available in stock

Mechanical engineers and plant engineers work with various controllers and protocols, depending on the region the target market is in or the sector in which the end user operates. Typically, the components are then specifically tailored to the protocol of the controller that is being used and the components, such as encoders for measuring length, position and speed, need to be programmed for each protocol. Distributors and mail-order retailers also need to keep various models in stock in order to be in a position to supply the large number of available protocols.

Now, the WDGA Universal Industrial Ethernet Encoder by Wachendorff Automation greatly simplifies these stock issues for mechanical and plant engineers, as well as for distributors and mail-order retailers. This is because the required protocol is only imported via the encoder’s website when the relevant encoder is actually used. This works even without needing to use any additional tools or programming adapters. All you need is a PC with a network card, with a freely adjustable IP address, and the web browser of your choice. The process only takes a few minutes. You can use PROFINET or EtherCAT just-in-time to get started with the new type of encoder: Additional protocols will follow soon. In 2019, ethernet/IP will be added.

In addition, extremely high bearing loads guarantee a long service life and high levels of endurance. As well as outstanding mechanical properties, the most up-to-date electronic components, communication profiles and encoder profiles are used. These extremely robust absolute encoders, which feature a magnetic scanning function, can be used in situations where in the past only optical absolute rotary encoders could be used. This is because the new encoders feature highly precise and dynamic EnDra® and QuattroMag® technology.


Automated guided vehicle systems

Precise and reliable measurement in drives and mobile machines

For 40 years, Wachendorff has been offering sensors and automation products for mobile machines and municipal vehicles. In the beginning, they offered small and robust speed displays in vertical drilling machines as well as temperature displays in asphalt machines. For about 25 years, Wachendorff has also supplied incremental encoders as sensors for outdoor applications. Initially, they were used as speed sensors, consisting of a rotary encoder with a measuring wheel, as well as a robust mounting device, which produced the necessary contact pressure on the conveyor belts in quarries. Other applications included speed and position sensors on construction hoists, or speed sensors on wind turbines, often mounted on the slip ring.

Just over ten years ago, Wachendorff developed a series of absolute encoders that offer enormous advantages, not only over conventional encoders, but also over conventional sensors, such as potentiometers or simple angle sensors. These enhancements make the products ideal for use in outdoor applications, or in environments with high mechanical demands (e.g., in mobile work machines, or even in aircraft elevators).

These absolute encoders feature single-turn QuattroMag® technology, which uses 4 Hall sensors and can measure angular position more accurately and more quickly than conventional sensors using a diametrically split magnet mounted on the face of the encoder shaft. With a patented calculation algorithm, interferences are eliminated. This gives the processing electronics much better signal quality with less noise. In addition, these multi-turn encoders are equipped with EnDra® technology; a technology that is able to count and store revolutions via a Wigand sensor, even when de-energised. Here too, a patented process enables precise and reliable signal processing.

In combination, these two technologies are almost unbeatable for mobile applications: Because it’s contactless and enclosed in housing, it’s wear-free – and also has no moving parts such as gears; this paired with the fact that it doesn’t have a battery makes it completely maintenance-free. The encoders work reliably and are temperature-resistant in ice or in the desert. They are also available in an off-shore version.

Another not to be underestimated advantage is the compactness (36 mm housing) and the low weight combined with high bearing loads and rugged protection classes such as the IP65, IP67 and up to IP69K. Wachendorff integrated the usual CAN interfaces compactly on one board (CANopen, CAN proprietary, CANopen Lift and J1939).

The applications have become very diverse. In combination with a pulley system, absolute encoders can be used for measuring the travel of a boom or the reach of a truck crane arm; without a cable system – directly on the winch – they can be used for length measurement.

Other applications include angle measurement in wind turbines, mounted on the gear ring or directly in the cam switch, and also the feed measurement on vertical drilling machines, as well as the measurement of steering information such as angle and speed on the wheels of automated guided vehicles (AGVS) or heavy transporters.

Angle measurement on cranes is a special application, as two encoders can be used here for redundant information, or the measurement can be supplemented further with a proximity switch.

Whether for off-shore or on-shore applications, customers can rely on stainless steel housing that has been tested for salt water resistance.

All applications have one thing in common: the properties mentioned above are important selection criteria for Wachendorff’s customers. In many cases, Wachendorff has supplemented additional CAN protocol properties or implemented minimalist protocols so that the connection to the respective controller can be implemented as simply as possible.

With CANopen Lift, Wachendorff was able to put together a standard in the elevator industry with some control manufacturers, which makes it easier to design and automate elevators.

More and more reliable and robust encoders from Wachendorff will be needed to ensure the safety and control of mobile machinery, municipal vehicles and all other outdoor applications. With mechanical and electronic variants Wachendorff ensures that the sensor not only solves its task in the application, but can also be quickly integrated into existing designs; for this, Wachendorff sends STEP files and advises customers on-site or over the phone with the experience of more than 2,500 customised solutions that are in use worldwide. Wachendorff also ensures that the encoder is easy to assemble and arrives logistically sensible to the customer. Worldwide and always with a 5(!)-year warranty.


40 Jahre Wachendorff

40 years of Wachendorff

A festive celebration as a thank-you

At the end of September, the Wachendorff Group celebrated this year's summer party - this year in the spirit of the company's 40th anniversary and therefore in a special setting.

CEO Robert Wachendorff had invited guests from all over the world. And they gladly and numerously followed his invitation to the Rheingau. More than 200 people - family, friends, companions, partner companies and last but not least employees with life partners - came together to celebrate a glittering anniversary celebration.

In his opening speech, Robert Wachendorff described the company's path in an amusing way: the germ cell, the family living room in Johannisberg in 1978; the move to Industriestrasse 7 in 1987; right up to the purchase of expansion space in 2018. It fitted very well into the picture that the very first Wachendorff trainee was present that evening as a guest of honour.

"You are the cornerstones of our worldwide growth", Robert Wachendorff welcomed the so-called technical distributors who ensure that the innovations "Made in Geisenheim" find their customers all over the world.

He honoured his employees as the "foundation of continuous, healthy growth from within" and thanked their relatives for "keeping their backs free in stressful times". He expressly emphasised that "this celebration is to be seen as a thank-you to his employees, and at the same time he is looking forward to many more years of cooperation in a spirit of partnership, because in recent years the basis for a successful future of the Wachendorff Group has been created at the Geisenheim location".

Such a celebration does not organize itself and Robert Wachendorff thanked the whole team in front and behind the scenes, which worked under the leadership of Berenike Wachendorff for half a year on this event.

The long lasting applause of all guests confirmed to the host and the organisation team that the right words and an optimal atmosphere had been found for this anniversary celebration.


Presseinfo Wachendorff_Seilzugsyteme_SZG

New draw wire systems in product portfolio

New draw wire systems in product portfolio

Draw wire systems of Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG are robust and extremely compact. The compact dimensions allow the use in very narrow areas, which is often decisive.

The SZG series systems precisely measure the position or change in position of objects.
The quality-determining components of the Wachendorff draw wire systems are a precision measuring draw wire and an encoder adapted to the specific measuring task, which converts the change in position into a signal. 

The mechanics are optimally adapted to the incremental encoders of the WDGI58B series or absolute WDGA58B encoders from Wachendorff. The encoder is already mounted on delivery. 

The draw wire systems are quick and easy to install and, due to their reliability, are used in all areas of industry; very often in mobile hydraulics.

Product details (data sheets):


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Most compact EtherCAT encoder

Most compact EtherCAT encoder in the world
Highly accurate and highly dynamic
Faster, more accurate and more compact

Wachendorff Automation has extended its absolute encoder series WDGA with the interfaces SSI, CAN, Profibus, by another Industrial Ethernet interface - besides ProfiNet - by the EtherCAT protocol.
Wachendorff can also offer the world's smallest encoder with bus cover in the EtherCAT interface with the WDGA58F design.
This saves valuable installation space and can therefore be decisive in new or advanced machines, as the trend towards more compact machines continues unabated. Despite this unique compactness, the high bearing loads guarantee a long service life and maximum durability.
The EtherCAT encoders from Wachendorff can be ordered as hollow shaft and clamp/synchro flange versions.
In the multiturn area, the EtherCAT encoders are equipped with maintenance-free and space-saving EnDra® technology. The innovative singleturn range with QuattroMag® technology provides a high resolution of up to 16 bits and an accuracy of +/- 0.0878° (12 bits).
This makes it possible to use robust and durable magnetic technology from Wachendorff in many areas where previously only high-precision and sensitive optical measuring technology could be used.
The new EtherCAT absolute value encoders with SM3 mode, distributed clock and Can over EtherCAT (DS 406 compatible) can deliver their high-precision position value with a cycle time of up to 50µs and are thus perfectly equipped for the latest controllers in the field. Plant and machine builders also benefit from the modular principle used by Wachendorff Automation for the design of customer variants, which can thus be implemented very quickly and cost-effectively.

More information:

 WA1803_Ecoder EtherCAT_08062018.doc
 WA1803_Ecoder EtherCAT_08062018.jpg
 WA1803_Ecoder EtherCAT_08062018.pdf

Wachendorff Drehgeber PROFINET HeavyDuty

PROFINET Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders

PROFINET Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders
Heavy-duty rotary encoders for PROFINET from the modular System

Wachendorff Automation has extended its WDGA absolute rotary encoder series in the PROFINET-IO field with the extremely robust WDGA 58D – designed for heavy-duty applications. 
As it has already been implemented for the SSI, CAN, PROFIBUS interfaces, the shaft of PROFINET encoder WDGA 58D can be loaded both radially as well as axially with max. 400 N. This is an absolute peak value and guarantees a long service life.
Wachendorff ensures an above-average service life, especially in harsh industrial applications, by carrying out extensive environmental simulation tests during development. This is emphasised by Wachendorff with a 5-year warranty that is unique on the market.
The PROFINET WDGA rotary encoder can be used in real-time applications in IRT mode due to its 50 μs internal dynamics.
In the multiturn field, PROFINET rotary encoders are equipped with maintenance-free and space-saving EnDra® technology. The innovative singleturn range with QuattroMag® technology provides a high resolution of up to 16 bits and an accuracy of +/ 0.0878° (12 bits).
This makes it possible to use robust and durable magnetic technology from Wachendorff in many areas where previously only high-precision and sensitive optical measurement technology could be used.
With its IP67 housing, the PROFINET WDGA 58D rotary encoder can be used in demanding industrial applications where contamination, very wide temperature ranges, strong vibrations and large bearing loads play a role.
Plant and machine builders also benefit from the modular principle strictly applied by Wachendorff Automation and the LeanQ production philosophy. This makes it possible to implement customer-specific variations quickly and cost-effectively for optimum integration into the application.

More information:

WA1802_PROFINET Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders _06032018.doc
 WA1802_PROFINET Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders _06032018.jpg
 WA1802_PROFINET Heavy Duty Rotary Encoders _06032018.pdf

Encoder Kit Motor Magnet und Platine_WA1704

Motor Feedback from the New Generation

Motor Feedback of the Latest Generation for Position Measuring

Wachendorff Automation has been developing and producing encoders and systems for worldwide use in a wide range of applications for more than 25 years. Wachendorff always places great value on sturdiness, durability and the use of the latest technologies. These were exactly the determining parameters when developing the absolute encoder series WDGA almost 10 years ago.

To meet these requirements, Wachendorff only considered a magnetic solution, both to determine the number of steps (single turn) as well as for the revolution counter (multi-turn).
Compared to optical encoders with a gearing unit, the magnetic encoders of the WDGA series are much more sensitive to shocks or vibrations, which can occur constantly when used in machines.
Despite the compact design, the performance of the WDGA encoders is many times higher than the performance of optical systems in gear technology.

The technologies QuattroMag® for single turn and EnDra® for multi-turn, which are patented by Wachendorff, deliver several millions of revolutions without overrun at a maximum single turn resolution of up to 16 bits and a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.09 °, paired with an excellent dynamics of 50 µsec.

QuattroMag® is based on 4 hall sensors in conjunction with a patented calculation algorithm that calculates the magnetic field generated by a diametrically arranged magnet so that any interference of the hall signals cancels each other out. This also allows Wachendorff to use the magnetic single-turn technology in highly accurate and dynamic applications.

The multi-turn technology EnDra® uses the energy generated by the magnetic field in an energy wire made of a magnetically soft core and a magnetically hard shell. The rotation of the shaft with the magnet builds up energy that generates an energy pulse for each north-south transition regardless of the speed, which can be used to supply a meter and memory. Additional electronic components ensure the detection of the direction of rotation.

This results in the highlight of the EnDra® technology, namely doing without the use of a backup battery to maintain the values in the encoder memory in the event of a loss of power.
Without a battery, the WDGA absolute encoder is always able to measure the correct position and store it in the internal memory, even in a de-energised state. Once power returns, the encoder then transmits the position readings to the control system.

WDGA series absolute encoders from Wachendorff are used around the world, for example in wind turbines, mobile work machines, medical equipment, cranes, packaging and filling machines and even in aircraft.

In particular, motors in production machines, mobile work machines or shelving systems, in medical technology or in production robots, for example, require a feedback signal, such as from an encoder, to be able to position quickly and precisely.
In larger motors, the encoder can be installed as a complete closed module on the outside of the motors.
The magnetic technology from Wachendorff now makes it possible to also equip smaller step or servo motors with an absolute encoder system. This is made possible by the compact design of the electronics of the WDGA absolute encoder.
This idea resulted in an absolute encoder kit, which can be integrated in very compact motors.

The Wachendorff kit offers clear advantages compared to resolvers, magnetic sensors with backup batteries and encoder kits with optical scans and gearboxes.
Due to the higher level of robustness against vibrations and other environmental stresses as well as the faster assembly, the company Wachendorff is expecting another step of creative destruction, which they already predicted ten years ago with the introduction of the EnDra® technology.

“Our customers are faced with the task of designing their motors to be increasingly powerful and more compact. With our kit, which consists only of a small PCB with a diameter of just 34 mm and a magnetic that is attached to the front of a shaft, the motor manufacturer gains more space for enhanced performance”, explains Robert Wachendorff, and adds: “With our many years of knowledge, we help our customers with the integration in their motors”.

Wachendorff offers two different concepts for this purpose:

  - An operational absolute Encoder

  - Installation kit

An operational absolute encoder

The operational, very compact WDGA absolute encoders have a housing with a diameter of just 36 mm and a depth of just 31 mm. They have their own bearings and can be directly integrated as shaft or hollow shaft encoders. A cable can easily be connected to the motor housing plug. “Some of our customers initially choose this solution, which is ideal for smaller quantities or for the start of a series. The optimisation of space and costs still plays a lesser role here compared to the effort in the development and assembly. “It is an ideal way to manage small quantities and to realise prototypes”, remarks Dieter Schömel, product manager at Wachendorff Automation.

Installation Kit (consisting of PCB and magnet)

“For larger series, our customers choose the installation kit solution and we help them with the integration during development and with the setup of the necessary assembly and calibration unit”, explains Robert Wachendorff.

Wachendorff provides the motor manufacturer's developers with the necessary STEP files to adapt the flange and shaft of their motor to the installation set. Based on their many years of experience with this system, Wachendorff offers the normally already experienced motor manufacturers assistance in choosing the right materials and the right geometry for the shielding of the magnetic sensor.

With a normally accurate mounting of the magnet and the PCB, a resolution of about 10 to 12 bits can be achieved without carrying out a calibration. To achieve a resolution of about 16 bits, however, the motor manufacturer requires a sensor calibration with regard to the position and property of the mounted magnet. Wachendorff offers a very pragmatic solution for smaller quantities and in a ramp-up phase of larger series: The motor manufacturer sends its finish-mounted motors to Wachendorff and Wachendorff assembles the installation set, carries out the final test and calibration, seals the motor and then sends it back.

The assembly according to the Lean-Q concept developed by Wachendorff (with a very high level of flexibility and seamless traceability) has corresponding recordings and also offers the customer additional services, such as test logs or customer-specific test sequences. Only a few additions are added to the motor manufacturer's existing test equipment to set up a final test and calibration unit. The installation set is fully tested and calibrated with an approach up to 256 measurement points and the run-up and continuous operation of the motor in a test cycle of about 3 to 4 minutes.Wachendorff offers SSI and all versions of CAN as possible Interfaces.

“With our installation kits, we make it possible for our customers to enter into completely new applications and to offer their customers more effective functions. We are currently working on making the technologies even more compact to be able to equip even smaller motors with our installation kit. For example, 24 mm is already possible without its own power supply and 18 mm will even be possible in the near future”, says Robert Wachendorff. 


 More information:

WA1704_Wachendorff_new_generation Motorfeedback_10112017.doc


Wachendorff Automation awarded 2017 Innovator of the Year

Wachendorff Automation is awarded "2017 Innovator of the Year"
Wachendorff Automation is one of Germany’s most innovative companies

Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, located in Geisenheim/Rheingau, provider of innovative sensor technology (incremental and absolute encoders) and measuring systems for mechanical / plant engineering and renewable energy applications, is thrilled about this recent award. Wachendorff Automation was selected by the business magazine brand eins Wissen and Statista, the online statistics portal, as “2017 Innovator of the Year” in the category “Automation and Measurement Technology, small and medium-sized businesses with up to 250 employees” for its products and services. Once again, Wachendorff can count itself as one of Germany’s top innovators.

This award acknowledges the innovative abilities, unconditional quest for quality, productivity and creativity of this family-owned, medium-sized company and its highly motivated employees.

For the ranking, about 2,000 company representatives, 250 experts from the Berlin Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT), and 20,000 managers and employees with many years’ of experience in the field were surveyed.

“We are so happy! This award confirms that our EnDra® and QuattroMag® technology, which we have integrated into our sensor technology (absolute encoders), represents significant monetary value for our users and this will open up new business opportunities for us”, said Robert Wachendorff, Managing Partner for Wachendorff Automation. “As a medium-sized company, it is absolutely fantastic and highly motivating to be held in such high esteem by others”.

Wachendorff Automation’s website:

More information:



Schnellster und kompaktester PROFINET-Drehgeber weltweit

Fastest and most compact PROFINET encoder in the world

Fastest and most compact PROFINET encoder in the world
Highly accurate and highly dynamic
Fast, precise and compact

Wachendorff Automation has extended the absolute encoder series WDGA by the Industrial Ethernet interface PROFINET-IRT.
With its new WDGA58F design, Wachendorff has succeeded in constructing the world's smallest design in an axial and radial direction. That saves valuable installation space and can therefore be crucial in new or refined machines, as the trend towards ever more compact systems is continuing undiminished. Despite this unique compact design, the high bearing loads ensure tremendous durability and maximum service lives.
The PROFINET encoders from Wachendorff are able to keep pace with the latest PLC technologies thanks to the minimum bus cycle time of 125 µs.
The single-turn area, with innovative QuattroMag® technology, provides a resolution of up to 16 bit, a precision of +/- 0.0878° (12 bit), a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.0878° (12 bit) and internal dynamics of 50 μs. In the area of the multi-turn, the Profinet encoders from Wachendorff come with maintenance-free and space-saving EnDra® technology.
Thanks to these highly accurate and highly dynamic technologies, the absolute encoders WDGA with magnetic scanning can be used in numerous applications, in which only absolute encoders based on optical principles could be used up until now.
Plant manufacturers and mechanical engineers also benefit from the modular principle utilised by Wachendorff Automation, in conjunction with the strictly applied LeanQ philosophy.

More information:


Automotivrobuste Drehgeber

Automotive robust encoders

Automotive robust encoders
Proven resistance to environmental influences
Many applications, numerous solutions ... always smart and automotive robust

Wachendorff Automation develops and manufactures industrial and automotive robust rotary encoders (incremental and absolute) and systems in Germany. Type tests accompanying the development process ensure that the encoders can be utilised reliably and durably in many sectors and mobile work machines, even in the harshest environmental conditions.
The specific strength of Wachendorff Automation is its absolute customer orientation and associated adaptation development to deliver truly optimal solutions. More than 1,500 customer/application-specific solutions are already being used successfully in series throughout the world. At BAUMA 2016, Wachendorff presented encoders and solutions for determining angles, distances, speeds, lengths and positions. The emphasis is on sensors with the CANopen, SAE J1939 and RS485 protocols. Wachendorff encoders are particularly compact and light. This saves you valuable space and weight. Application-specific protection classes, a very broad temperature range, high vibration and shock resistance, precise resolution and accuracy, high bearing loads and extreme immunity to magnetic influences guarantee durability and maximum service life. The outstanding Wachendorff Automation warranty period of five years highlights this.

BAUMA 2016, Hall A5, Stand 339, CiA stand
Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG,


Robustes Seilzugsystem SZG140

Robust draw-wire system SZG140

The robust draw-wire system SZG140: precise length measurement up to 10200 mm

Do you need to record positions, speeds and distances travelled, for example, with crane booms, hydraulic cylinders or screw conveyors as efficiently and securely as possible? Wachendorff Automation provides operators and construction engineers with tuned draw-wire systems that guarantee quick and flexible mounting on your machine and offers robust performance with a high degree of protection to IP65. Precise measurement is ensured by optimised fairlead and constant wire tension across the entire measuring distance. In association with the incremental encoders in the WDGI series or the absolute encoders in the WDGA series, ideal resolution, great accuracy and optimal interfaces can be achieved. The new SZG140 system is designed for lengths of up to 10200 mm.

The wire exit can be individually positioned using the fixing bracket. In combination with the incremental and absolute encoders from Wachendorff Automation, the draw-wire system’s robust performance means that the system can also be used in challenging operating conditions such as in harbour cranes or in transport systems in refrigerated warehouses.

Further information can be found at:


Anbaukits mit inkrementalen Drehgebern für Motoren

Mounting kits with incremental encoders for motors

One set for all needs – minimum effort, maximum effect

Easy to mount on all motor shafts

A cost-effective solution for modernisation and servicing needs

For mounting on motors

Incremental hollow shaft encoders are used in drive motors, particularly in the fields of lift construction, crane technology and wind energy.

Drive motors that are controlled directly only work optimally at their nominal rotational speed. In order to generate a suitable level of torque as soon as the motor starts running, special switches are used in the motor (such as the Y- Δ transformation). Through the use of converters, the torque of a drive can be used more productively as soon as the drive is started up and over a wider speed range.

In order to be able to make use of converters with older motors, an incremental encoder is needed to determine the rotational speed. It can usually be mounted on the shaft behind the motor. It can usually be mounted behind the motor, on the shaft. With solid shaft encoders and hollow shaft encoders, a mechanical connection between the encoder and the motor shaft is created using a shaft adapter with the appropriate threaded hole. Depending on the design of the encoder, the shaft adapter is connected to the encoder either directly or via a flexible double loop coupling.

Wachendorff mounting kits offer you the highest level of flexibility. In addition to an encoder, the mounting kit also includes a set of shaft adapters with the main thread diameters and a ready-to-use connection cable. The mounting kit for the solid shaft encoder also includes a mounting angle and a double loop coupling.

For the use of hollow shaft encoders (direct mounting on the shaft), a set of adaptor sleeves for shafts of various diameters is provided. Since these adapter sleeves are made of plastic, the degree of protection against shaft current discharges is increased due to its isolating effect. The appropriate sleeve is simply clipped into place in the hollow shaft of the WDG100K, meaning that it cannot be lost, and the encoder is fixed to the motor shaft using the clamping ring. The sealing strip provided is braced against the motor’s housing and thus keeps the encoder’s housing securely in place.

With these sets, service and modernisation teams always have the right material to hand. For the most important converter manufacturers, Wachendorff can also pre-configure the cable to the appropriate plug on request.

Further information can be found at:


Längenmesssysteme LMSMA2x/3x

Length measurement system LMSMA2x/3x

Precise positioning
Space-saving and reliable complete systems
Measure positions, speeds and travel lengths reliably and precisely
Up to 0.008 mm/pulse for excellent measurement results
Quickly mounted and adjusted

The positions, speeds and travel lengths of conveyor belts, film and paper webs or cardboard packaging, for example, can be recorded safely and efficiently using the measuring systems from Wachendorff Automation.

With the new LMSMA2x and LMSMA3x measuring systems, we meet the highest requirements in an ideal way: constant and accurate measurement results through optimal, low-slip measurement in the most varied conditions; resolutions from 1.0 to 0.008 mm/pulse; small space requirement thanks to a compact design; long service lifetimes thanks to the high mechanical robustness of all the components; fast and flexible mounting to the machine. Wachendorff has significantly improved the adjustment possibilities of the complete systems, which are based on a spring arm with a central spring. This gives you constructive and valuable benefits:

The newly developed central adjustment with its 10° locking steps enables 36 alignment positions. In combination with the elongated holes of the mounting bracket, this gives you much more room for mounting.

The spring preload is adjustable in steps from 5 N to a maximum of 30 N preload. In combination with the measuring wheel, which is geared to the measuring surface, this guarantees the optimal contact pressure. When installing in the machine or making a readjustment, the preassembled systems can remain mounted during the commissioning process because the LMSMA systems from Wachendorff offer the option of fixing the spring arm in a resting position. The spring arm is then returned to the working position and continues to work at the previously set contact pressure.

More information:


Messsystem LMSLA12 für Markiersysteme

Measuring system LMSLA12 for marking and labeling

Accurate positioning ... for marking systems

The new measuring system LMS LA12 is a perfectly tuned, preassembled complete system for use in the field of marking and labelling. The system, consiting of an incremental encoder from the WDGI series, a encoder holder with 25 N contact pressure and a nonslip measuring wheel, is used to continuously measure the speed in many different types of marking systems.
The position of the product to be labelled is determined based on this measurement. As a last stage of the packaging process, the product labelling or marking system uses this exact positioning information to mark, among other things, cardboard, packaging, labels, bottles and other materials accurately and in a superior print quality. Codes of any kind, brand logos and graphic designs, batch and lot numbers and sell-by dates are applied using inkjet processes or special inks, for example.

The components of the measuring system are perfectly matched and guarantee utmost precision and a long service life:

  • With their IP65/67 protection, the encoders in the WDGI series are designed and adapted for use in harsh industrial environments.
  • With a permissible radial load of 220 N on the shaft, the measuring system can be mounted securely without slipping and has a high pretensioning force.
  • The specially selected surfaces of the different Wachendorff measuring wheels guarantee non-slip properties in all areas of application - even at very high production speeds.
  • The encoder holder is a special development with two slot holes for flexible mounting.
  • Exceptionally high repeat accuracy combined with a very high resolution of the WDGI encoder of up to 25,000 PPR (0.008 mm/pulse) guarantees an accurate marking position.

More Information:

LinkWA1504_Measuring system_LMSLA12.doc
LinkWA1504_Measuring system_LMSLA12.pdf
LinkWA1504_Measuring system_LMSLA12.jpg

Mitdenkender und merkfähiger Drehgeber-Konfigurator

Intelligent encoder configurator with instant recall

Intelligent encoder configurator with instant recall
Encoder configurator supplies a configured data sheet
Makes configuration fun!

With its configurator for incremental and absolute rotary encoders, Wachendorff Automation is able to offer design engineers and developers genuine added value compared with conventional configurators of the same class.
The Wachendorff tool is intelligent, and most importantly, can recall previous data. The programming holds a complete store of the combination of all the technical features and is capable of combining them (over 1.5 million possibilities), using an intelligent logic to manage them.
This intelligence and recall capability rules out any errors during the configuration process.
Any devices that may be considered are identified after just a few entries. Several other configurators are also able to offer this feature; the highlight of the Wachendorff configurator lies in generating a data sheet that is individually tailored to a configured rotary encoder.
Clicking a product type transfers selection criteria chosen in advance during preselection to the ‘product level’ and therefore ‘remembers’ them. The product page is developed individually for the user based on this just-in-time data, offering them the possibility to continue configuring and/or generate their individual data sheet at any time. This function is unique so far and extremely helpful!  
Explanatory fields also offer effective electrical and mechanical information, enabling Wachendorff to offer the user the ability to put together their specific rotary encoder based on their actual requests and requirements. The user benefits from the ‘unique’ documentation, as for rotary encoders in particular there are very many interdependent factors in electrics and mechanics.

Exact rotary encoder types can be defined only with the help of expert knowledge. The data sheet ‘configured’ by Wachendorff can be saved as a PDF document or printed out.

One further interesting feature is that the particular status of the configuration can be documented in a PDF document at any time. This is helpful, for example, if the user wants advice about a definition from colleagues or technical support at Wachendorff Automation.
The configurator is available as a new feature on Wachendorff Automation’s website and in four different languages (German, English, French and Spanish).

More information at:

Link WA1501_encoder_configurator_English.doc
Link WA1501_encoder_configurator_English.pdf
Link WA1501_encoder_configurator_English.jpg

Drehgeber WDGI, der neue inkrementale Industriestandard

WDGI encoder… the new incremental industry standard

WDG has become WDGI

Wachendorff Automation has completely revised the incremen­tal encoders of the WDG series, which are based on the 58 mm design size industry standard. This can only mean one thing: WDG has become WDGI.

Modern industrial design and further enhanced technical properties

But it‘s the enhanced benefits for you as a user that really mat­ter. In addition to a modern design, Wachendorff have attached a great deal of importance to improving key technical properties.

Extended temperature range:

The operating temperature range of the WDGI standard enco­der with connector outlet has been expanded to temperatures of between -40 °C and +85 °C. This extended temperature range can be implemented as an option for encoders with cable outlet, thereby widening the possible range of applications without shortening the encoder‘s service life.

Maximum pulse frequencies: 600 kHz to 2 MHz

The WDGI encoders offer the option of working at pulse rates from 1,200 ppr with pulse frequencies of up to 600 kHz (TTL) or 2 MHz (HTL). Consequently, high pulse rates can be deployed at high speeds, considerably increasing the machine‘s measu­rement accuracy at high throughput rates.

Maximum bearing loads: 500 N

The WDGI58D heavy-duty variant offers an up to 25 % higher potential bearing load than its predecessor model as standard. This translates into 500 N in both an axial and a radial load direction. The encoder therefore also has sufficient reserves even when faced with extreme shaft loads, which is decisive for a long service life. A long tool life and low maintenance costs are guaranteed

New option: self-adhesive membrane

This membrane guarantees that the encoder is highly reliable, even when temperatures change quickly – during use in mobile work machines or generally in high air humidity, for example. In spite of the membrane, the encoders retain their high protection class of up to IP67 and are still resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Choice of materials and processing with a view to environmental compatibility

The newly designed encoder cover is made of die-cast alu­minium. So, unlike the die-cast zinc cover which is commonly used on the market, the housing‘s eco-friendly powder coating can be maintained. Customers can therefore choose the colour they‘d like with a clear conscience.

Evidence of our experience down to the smallest of details

A special feature derived from customer requests is the eyelet integrated in the housing cover, to which a labelling strip can be attached (e.g. to identify the system / location).

A summary of the key properties:

• Robust standard industrial encoder
• Die-cast aluminium housing with particularly eco-friendly powder coating
• Up to 25,000 pulses thanks to high-quality electronics
• Protection class of IP67; shaft sealet to IP65
• Immunity to interference
• Extremely high bearing load: up to 500 N in axial / radial direction
• Maximum mechanical and electrical safety
• Full connection protection at 10 VDC up to 30 VDC
• High output frequency of up to 600 kHz / 2 MHz
• Operating temperature with connector outlet: -40 °C to +85 °C
• Optional: pressure compensation membrane

More information:

Link WA1407_incremental_encoder_WDGI_English.doc
Link WA1407_incremental_encoder_WDGI_English.pdf
Link WA1407_incremental_encoder_WDGI_English.jpg
Link WA1407_incremental_encoder_WDGI_English.jpg
Link WA1407_incremental_encoder_WDGI_English.jpg